Monday, November 9, 2009

GrandStand Burgers

We all had high hopes for this one, it looked like the perfect greasyspooner establishment. But dreams were shattered at what I am about to say. The signature burger "The Kelly" a cheese burger with a slice of Ham and bacon. I don't believe I'm about to write this but... Having a ham steak on top of your burger does not add anything it just gets in the way and makes it hard to eat.....( I know I didn't believe it either,  -holding back a tear) Bacon is all you ever need so stop it people.  The rings were OK but the fries were a joke -crinkle cut crap. The best thing going for this place was the hand dipped malt and the over the top christian quotes on the walls. God damn it I really wanted to like this place.    -    2 spoons.
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Saturday addition-Courthouse Exchange

I was up at the historic Independence square for the opening of their holiday season and stopped into one of my favorite places, the Courthouse Exchange. This place is in the basement, ala Cheers, acroos from, what else?-the courthouse. It's known for it's comfort food, open faced roast beef sandwich, hearty soups, etc. But, I found they added a whole section of mac-and-cheese dishes. Macaroni and cheese top with: bar-b-que pork, or chili, or other things. I had to have the chili-mac. Mmmm-mmm!
They've also added chicken and waffles, too. Well worth the trip to the heart of Indy.
3.5 spoons
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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Well

The Pitch awarded The Well in Waldo for best hamburger for 2009. I beg to differ my dear. Its a great atmosphere - dining on a beautiful sunny day on the roof with a pool table but the burgers were only average. Plus they were too sweet. I love caramelized onions but it distracted from the flavor of the burger.   The  fries were good - fresh cut and  I like the socks all the waitress wear. Points for the  chili , which tasted like it was straight out of a high school cafeteria (and we mean that in a good way).  Go there to drink and for the view skip the meal. At least Blanc Burger didnt win this year.

2.5 Spoons
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Monday, October 26, 2009


 We went back to this amazing place. Loved the barrels set in the concrete wall at the entrance which set the tone for some amazing eats.The chef is creative and skilled while staying true to the greasy spooners with large tenderloin sandwiches and some of the best fresh cut fries I have had in a long time.
As stated before the dead texan is something to behold. I think the burger was too thick but still a brillant  sandwich. Plenty of beer on tap and some lonely planet rocking out in the kitchen made this place one for the history books. 5 spoons!


Monday, October 5, 2009


Sweet mana from heaven!
On the way to go to the trendy "First Friday" in the Crossroads district, we met some friends on the other side of town, at the not so trendy Swagger, between 84th and 85th on Wornall. Swagger used to be the Village Inn, a hole-in-the-wall where you got your beer from a styrofoam cooler behind the bar, and kareoke was a guy with a guitar. The cliental are the same (got greeted at the door by drunk yelling welcome!), but the place got a facelift and great kitchen.
I ordered the "Dead Texan". A grilled cheese sandwich with jalapenos inside, topped by a well cooked and seasoned burger with tomato, onion and lettuce, topped by a fried egg (you can never go wrong with a fried egg on a burger), bacon, peppercorn mayo and finally topped again by another grilled cheese sandwich. Sweet zombie Jesus it was good.
I dreamed of it all weekend. Can't wait to take my fellow Spooners there.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Johnny Ray's

Classic "dive in" only a couple of booths and a big U shape counter with black and chrome stools. There is a Miss Pac-Man machine and a jukebox which I wanted to play some Conway Twitty but after some dirty looks I knew no one would find that funny. People were there to eat fried food. And they fry it they do, from burgers to tenderloins. We came here looking for a fried pork chop sandwich but alas not to be found. But the good news was they had fried cheese nuggets- little golden balls of pleasure. Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside (just like yo mama) Decent burgers on the smallest plate I've ever seen and nice large portions of spicy fries and onion rings. Did I mention Pineapple milkshakes?
Johnny Ray's Drive in

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Portia's Cafe

I drive past this place almost every day on the way home from work, but always forget it's there. Possibly the almost completely faded sign that is now nearly illegible has something to do with it.
But, after many urgings from friends we finally went. Gotta love a place that as soon as you walk in you hear "sit anywhere you want, darlins". I also love paces where the menu is on a dry-erase board and meals served on the same plates as my high school cafeteria.
I had the country fried steak, as it is my true test of a diner. For $8 I got the home breaded steak, mashed taters, mac and cheese, broccoli, a roll (the nice hard on the outside, mushy on the inside kind) and a drink. I topped it off with some black berry cobbler. It was perfect for the cold day we were out in. One of the Spooners said it was the best tenderloin he's had south of the Iowa border. (he hasn't been to Kitty's obviously).
The place was packed full of contractor types in from the cold for a hot meal. That says it all for me. Portia's doesn't need a sign
Food: 4 Spoons, right amount, great flavor (although the gravy was kinda bland, and who really likes broccoli?)
Price: 4 1/2 Spoons: $8 for all that food, are you kidding?
Kitch: 4 Spoons: Nothing but posters of Firemen and Cops plus the previously mentioned cafeteria stuff.
Bonus: 2 "darlings" and 3 "huns"
Portia's Cafe

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mama's 39th St Diner

As I walked into this dive I saw my fellow greaser spooners looking very sad and disappointed. Mamas moved up the street into this large space which used to be the classic Nichols Lunch. It lost a little of its luster from its old crammed location . "This food sucks" one said "I feel scared help me" added another. I hate to see my spooners so depressed so I took one for the team and ordered the peanut-butter and jelly omelet with a tall glass of chocolate milk and rye toast of course. Well I think that sparked my spooners up a little as a hairy knuckle hand delivered my plate of gooey goodness. The hand was connected to a lacy number that made him or her looked umm.... delicious? Think Fred Flintstone in drag. With 66 different omelets and deep fried cinnamon rolls you will always find something out of the ordinary here. Now, excuse me I'm off the the lavatory....

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Road Trip?

Heart Attack Grill, Chandler Ariz.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

great link

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sexy Update, Funhouse

Went back to the Funhouse and tried the Mexican Pizza. It had a spicy sausage (but not chorizo), jalapenos, tomatoes, and what I think was a thin layer of refried beans. This delightful little pie earned 4 spoons.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bamboo Hut

I knew I'd love this place when we pulled up and were greeted by the sight of the whole kitchen staff out front having a smoke. The Bamboo Hut was a quality establishment back in the day. Polynesian decor everywhere. That was yesterday. Now it's a bit run down, but that's the way the Spooners like it! The Hut is known for it's Fried Chicken (that's what the zombie at the bar said) and it was good.

Jacques Vanderdreschd

KITSCH FACTOR- 3 --rather neutral. No movie posters...huh?

FOOD TASTE - 4--fries were a bit TOO crispy this time, but the Reuben was very tasty & crisp. Points for dressing on the side--FOR DIPPIN'


Francois Fraumage -

KITSCH FACTOR- 3.5 Needs more Bamboo.

FOOD TASTE - 4.5 Mashed taters were manifique!.

PRICE - 5 $12 for 2 brews and CFS! Snap!

Comments- free crackers and waitress who calls you "hon". Made me finish my backwash too!

Yeti Havenone

KITSCH FACTOR- 3 - one point awarded for the "aroma" that greeted us at the door.

FOOD TASTE - 2 - A dry burger and fries that were a bit too crisp filled me with regret and lamentation.

PRICE - 4 - the service alone was worth the price

Comments - Patsy on the ol'music box makes for a fine eatery

Pancho sez:

KITSCH FACTOR- 4... more just plain weird than kitschy

FOOD TASTE - 3 for taste

PRICE - 5 for food value

Comments- Sorry I messed up the group shot in front. D'oh!

Jacque Peppercorn -

KITSCH FACTOR- 3 hints of the past could still be seen.

FOOD TASTE - 2 my own fault ordering against the advice of group.

PRICE - 5 can't complain

Comments- free crackers

Bamboo Hut

Friday, January 23, 2009

LC's Burgers Etc.

We battled thru a blinding snow storm last winter to try LC's on a recommendation from a Northman here at work. It was freezin' outside, but the burgers warmed us up with their burgery goodness. The 'Big Deal'' a quarter pound hamburger topped with cheese and grilled onions, served with fries, and chocolate shake (despite the cold) made me forget my troubles.
A fellow Spooner dared order the Blue Goo shake. It tasted like Play-Dough smells.
Food: 3 1/2 Spoons (Other Spooners might grade higher)
Price: 4 Spoons
Kitch: 3 1/2 Spoons: Great little seating area despite the small space
Bonus: About a gillion shake combos.

LC's Hamburgers Etc.

Funhouse Pizza

In a town that really does not have good pizza - (that's right I said it ) It was a pleasure to go to this vintage pizza haven. I felt like it was 1986 the minute I walked in. This is the way pizza is supposed to be made. With dark lighting, jukebox playing Journey, pitchers of beer, video games, paintings of scary clowns on the walls , huh what? You don't need a robot hippo on the stage when you got Gummy Joe making yer pizzas. The pizza is chewy yet crispy and as the name says its just fun.

Food: 4 Spoons. Tons of toppings. But we are still unsure what Mexican meat really is?
Price: 5 Spoons $25 bucks for 5 people to eat and drink
Kitch: 5. Could be the new standard
Bonus: Peeing in the ice
Fun House Pizza & Pub
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the Big Biscuit

I would step over my own mother in the street to get a pile of biscuits and gravy from the Big Biscuit. Sorry, Mom.
Fluffy biscuits with nice sausage gravy. Everything is big at the Big Biscuit. If they can't fill you up, you have problems. This doesn't technically fit the qualifications as a greasy spoon. The Biscuit is bright and clean, and all the silverware matches.
I also love the MIssouri Scramble. Basically everything you want for breakfast scrambled together.
Food: 4 Spoons. Great American breakfasts and lunches.
Price: 4 Spoons A lot for your money
Kitch: 2 1/2. Got some cheesy old movie posters but that's it.
Bonus: Chili on whatever you want.

Big Biscuit

Dixon's Chili

OK all you haters, let's just get this over with now. Dixon's Chili is an acquired taste. It's not like everybody else's chili. It comes 3 ways. Dry (just ground beef and beans), Juicy (meat, beans and bean juice), and Greasy (just like it sounds). You spice it how you want with the condiments on the table plus cheese and onions on request. Harry Truman liked it, why can't you? Just get over it.
Now, on with the rest. The chili spread is the shizz-net. Two tamales covered in chili plus sour cream and cheese. Mmmmmm.
But the real reason we go? All-You-Can-Eat tacos. Cheap in price, but not stingy on ingredients.
I once saw Fatfuckingwayne eat 27. I have been informed the current record is 36, set by an Independence Police officer. My usual is 9.
Food: 3 Spoons. It's plenty good.
Price: 5 Spoons. Kids eat free on Wednesdays.
Kitch: 5 Spoons. Old school diner, and you have to walk thru the kitchen to use the restroom.
Bonus: Home made pies.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Greasy Spooners last meal

What and from where would be your last meal?

Bill & Ann's MUGS UP

This particular review is going to be tainted by a severe case of sentimentality. Many a muggy summer night, i sat in the back of my Mom's Le Mans having a cool mug of MUGS UP root beer. As I grew older, I introduced my wife (one of reasons I married her, because she shares my love of a whiz burger) then my kids to this place. I found out that at one time MUGS UP was chain, and now the one in Independence is the only one left.
When the Greasy Spooners formed, I knew this would be one of our first stops. MUGS UP is a classic drive up, with waitresses that come out to get your order and those metal trays that latch onto your window. There are two kinds of burgers, the Zip and the Whiz. The Zip burger, means no cheese, and the Whiz with cheese. When I was kid, it was called a Whiz because they used Cheese Whiz. Now it's just cheese. Both are not really a patty, or really loose meat. I heard people liken them to Made-Rite burgers.
If you go, you HAVE to get a root beer. Big, frosty mugs of goodness until recently brewed in the basement.
For me, 5 Spoons across the board, baby.
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Greasy Last Meal

Mixed plate and a side of beans from Gates BBQ. -"Bumrush" Buckley

Teresa's Drive In

Located just west of I-70 on Truman road, Teresa's was a great find. I pass it almost daily on the way home from work, and finally took a fellow Spooner for lunch. Teresa herself greeted us, and informed me their Italian Steak and Italian Sausage were made fresh daily. I had to try. Not only was the sandwich Gi-normous, but tasty.
Food: 4 Spoons. Great Steak sammich and crispy fries. The Large shake was too much even for me to consume.
Service: 5 Spoons, with a smile.
Kitch: 3 1/2. Classic drive - in
Bonus: There's a bus stop right out front, which is always good for people watching.
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Kitty's Cafe

Thanks to Making of a foodie for this one. You would never noticed this amazing place as you drive drunk into the Martini District at lunchtime but make the stop. As you open the door wind chimes hit you in the head telling you that a tasty golden treasure awaits.I don't know why they call it Kitt'y's (don't really want to)

Food: 5 spoons - Best pork tenderloin in town! You must get it with sauce. Fries & tots are a gamble may be over greasy (is there such a thing?) They also serve breakfast. Cans of pop.

Service: 4 spoons- Sweaty Chinese guy focused on the food not worried about giving change
or taking orders. I don't think they even had a cash register.

Kitch: 4 spoons Only 2 stools in this wood paneled closet. Gotta take it to go. Dont be scared.

AWARD: Best pork tenderloin sandwich in town

- MAP - call for large orders. (816) 753-9711 even the address is cool - 810 1/2 E 31st St
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I think I heard angels sing the first time
took us all out to Hi-Boy.The the clouds parted, the sun came out and everything in life seemed to become a little better. With the trend of hi-end burger joints popping up around town nothing beats the real thing.

Food: 5 spoons - As Sally fields would say - God Damn it! Great burgers and rings. Pretty good ruben . Fun shakes too. I couldn't decide which shake to get- the peanut butter or the hot fudge. So the very wise food angel instructed me to mix together- Hot fudge peanut butter shake- oww my belly hurts.

Service: 4
spoons - A lot of Fat chicks yelling at me. Thanks for the coupon Jaye.

Kitch: 4 - Classic burger joint drive-in design. We ate outside on a stainless steel counter.

Bonus: My fingers still smell good. Tons of childhood flashbacks to be had!

- MAP -

AWARDS : Best cheeseburger in town.
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