Friday, July 30, 2010

RJ's Bob-Be-Que Shack

When I saw that weirdo from the Food Network, the one with the white, spikey hair, was doing a KC BBQ special show, I had to watch, even though I don't normally catch "Diners, Dives and whatever". I was glad he chose off the grid places instead of the usual Oklahoma Joe's, Gates, Arthur Bryants triumvirate. One of said places he visited was RJ's Bob-Be-Que shack. I was intrigued by the menu that had things like smoke sausage in corn husks, and lamb ribs. And that the pit master was a classically trained chef.
So we went last week. You can tell the show had helped business. It was packed, and I heard several people talking about the show, "I never knew this place existed", or "I never heard of them til now"etc.
My fellow spooners had the ribs, while I ordered the rib meat sandwich and those aforementioned sausages.
The sandwich was like eating meat flavored hay. Dry, dry, dry. The sauce was ketchup mixed with honey. I think I remember the chef making the sauce on the show making the sauce using honey, and it tasted like it for sure. Oh, how I hates sweet sauce. The fries were good, but tasted like Red Robin fries. The slaw I could have got at Price Chopper.
For as long as I waited for the sausages, it wasn't worth it. You'd think something with jalapenos would have some flavor.
When I asked about the ribs, I got a "Meh?" and a shoulder shrug from my fellow Spooners.
Maybe there's a reason nobody's heard of 'em.

Price: 4 spoons
Service: 2 spoons, mostly because I got to hear way too much about our server's social life.
Kitch: 3 spoons. It's a BBQ place.
 On a side note, DD&D is doing a show on Swagger, a place readers know I love. He (spikey) better not do something to screw that up.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shorty Smalls: Greasy Spooning on the road again

Was in Branson, MO this weekend. What's it with me and the hillbilly locales? Anyway, stopped in at favorite place we've been to before: Shorty Smalls. Shorty's is a local chain down there. I know, GS don't do chains, but this is small enough to fit in, and I had to tell everyone about something (see why later).
First, all the booths are named for a Branson entertainer. We got the honor of sitting in the Jim Stafford booth. This guy's a millionaire because of that dumb-ass "I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes" song. The booth is surrounded by his memorabilia.
I ordered the Shorty Special: ribs, chicken fired steak, beans, coleslaw and a cheesey biscuit ala Red Lobster. Beans: so-so. Coleslaw: pretty good. Ribs were cooked nice but the sauce was too sweet for me. When I saw how thin the chicken fired steak was, I was worried, but it turned out to be fork-cutting tender and tasted great. Over-all, not a bad meal. Now, for the good part.
We've had the blackberry cobbler before, which is, in a word, fantastic. But, we decided to get another dessert too, this time. What we got was very possibly the best apple pie I've had in my life. Sorry grandma, who slaved all day peeling apples by hand from her tree in the back yard. Sorry, beautiful daughter who makes all her pies for me with love.
The Shorty Smalls apple pie came out in a hot cast iron skillet filled with still bubbling butter. The pie itself was plopped down in the middle of all that dairy with ice cream on top. The ice cream melted into the butter. The butter melted into the pie. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod....... I'm still thinking about right now.
The server tried to take the plate away and almost got a fork in the back of his hand. We were taking the blackberry cobbler and running it through the leavings from the cream/butter.
Fat? Check.
Happy? Check.

Food: 4 spoons
Price: 4 without booze, but because of all the bible belt liquor taxes end s up a 2. Dropped way too much $.
Kitch: 4 Three words: Tony Orlando Booth
Bonus: Did I mention the pie?