Thursday, February 18, 2010


Someone should call the police because someone stole all the flavor out of this place.
A friend told me this is his go to place to take his  wife. I'm guessing  they  sleep with a sheet in-between them.  Wow don't go here.Walking in we were very impress of all the scratch up vintage football helmets adorning the ceiling. A warm cozy fire inviting us to sit and order some comfort food. Homemade mac and cheese anyone? How about (as they claim)  the best burger in town served on an english muffin with bacon? How can you go wrong with that? No seriously,  how can you mess that up it. The fries were even bad. It was like eating with a sock on my tongue. We saw the owner hanging out in the restaurant  I just wanted to shake him and yell "why  dear god why?"

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