Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Portia's Cafe

I drive past this place almost every day on the way home from work, but always forget it's there. Possibly the almost completely faded sign that is now nearly illegible has something to do with it.
But, after many urgings from friends we finally went. Gotta love a place that as soon as you walk in you hear "sit anywhere you want, darlins". I also love paces where the menu is on a dry-erase board and meals served on the same plates as my high school cafeteria.
I had the country fried steak, as it is my true test of a diner. For $8 I got the home breaded steak, mashed taters, mac and cheese, broccoli, a roll (the nice hard on the outside, mushy on the inside kind) and a drink. I topped it off with some black berry cobbler. It was perfect for the cold day we were out in. One of the Spooners said it was the best tenderloin he's had south of the Iowa border. (he hasn't been to Kitty's obviously).
The place was packed full of contractor types in from the cold for a hot meal. That says it all for me. Portia's doesn't need a sign
Food: 4 Spoons, right amount, great flavor (although the gravy was kinda bland, and who really likes broccoli?)
Price: 4 1/2 Spoons: $8 for all that food, are you kidding?
Kitch: 4 Spoons: Nothing but posters of Firemen and Cops plus the previously mentioned cafeteria stuff.
Bonus: 2 "darlings" and 3 "huns"
Portia's Cafe