Friday, July 30, 2010

RJ's Bob-Be-Que Shack

When I saw that weirdo from the Food Network, the one with the white, spikey hair, was doing a KC BBQ special show, I had to watch, even though I don't normally catch "Diners, Dives and whatever". I was glad he chose off the grid places instead of the usual Oklahoma Joe's, Gates, Arthur Bryants triumvirate. One of said places he visited was RJ's Bob-Be-Que shack. I was intrigued by the menu that had things like smoke sausage in corn husks, and lamb ribs. And that the pit master was a classically trained chef.
So we went last week. You can tell the show had helped business. It was packed, and I heard several people talking about the show, "I never knew this place existed", or "I never heard of them til now"etc.
My fellow spooners had the ribs, while I ordered the rib meat sandwich and those aforementioned sausages.
The sandwich was like eating meat flavored hay. Dry, dry, dry. The sauce was ketchup mixed with honey. I think I remember the chef making the sauce on the show making the sauce using honey, and it tasted like it for sure. Oh, how I hates sweet sauce. The fries were good, but tasted like Red Robin fries. The slaw I could have got at Price Chopper.
For as long as I waited for the sausages, it wasn't worth it. You'd think something with jalapenos would have some flavor.
When I asked about the ribs, I got a "Meh?" and a shoulder shrug from my fellow Spooners.
Maybe there's a reason nobody's heard of 'em.

Price: 4 spoons
Service: 2 spoons, mostly because I got to hear way too much about our server's social life.
Kitch: 3 spoons. It's a BBQ place.
 On a side note, DD&D is doing a show on Swagger, a place readers know I love. He (spikey) better not do something to screw that up.
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  1. At least we weren't the only people who weren't impressed. We received some anon feedback on our review (likely from someone who loves that place) that maybe they didn't like serving us. If that's the case, at least for their restaurant's sake, they should fake it. If it takes 40 minutes to get your appetizer after you've already finished your entree, then there could be a problem. Good review.

  2. You blew this one. I like your reviews. RJ's does have really good food. I have been disappointed once but generally it's all really good-and it's not fast food, you have to wait. The sausage is usually good, the ribs are usually good though not the best in town, and the spinach is to die for! I can take or leave their sauce it is a little on the sweet side for me-the spicy sauce is better. They are really nice in there also, but I haven't been since they were featured on TV so maybe it's gotten a little out of hand.