Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pop's Cafe, the return of the Greasy Spooners

I'm back.
Yes, it has been 4 years, but I have a good-ish excuse. In those four years I got promoted (yeah!) which left me little time for lunchtime excursions (boo!).
Now, I'm in what's politely called a "career transition" (boo!) which means have time to Geasy Spoon again (yeah!).
I have added two new reviewers: The Boy and the Girl.
Now to the review.
Pop's Cafe has had several different signs over the years. It's attached to a motel that has been rundown and sad since I was a wee lad. But, it's always had a sign out front that brazenly claimed to have the best tenderloin in KC. I'm a huge fan of Kitty's Cafe's weird Asian fusion tenderloin, so I could be tough on old Pop. I finally excepted said challenge.
The place looks like a cafe attached to a sad motel. Full of the elderly, nursing a cup of coffee for hours while Judge Judy stares at you from the TV. A place where the waitresses are leery and maybe a bit too gruff with non-regulars.
I ordered the tenderloin while the Girl got the Chicken Fried Steak sandwich and the Boy a patty melt.
It took awhile. But, as the menu proclaimed, the tenderloins are hand breaded right then and there. Perfection takes time.
It wasn't some pounded to death, flat tenderloin breaded in weird orange cornmeal. It was a real pork cutlet on a toasted bun with all the fixins' (horseradish, mayo, pickles, onions and lettuce).
The tater tots were crisp and not too greasy (sorry Kitty's, they got you there).
The Girl's CFS sandwich was hand breaded too. Massive, with gravy all over. The Boy's patty melt had similar qualities.

Over all, it was a damn good sandwich. I haven't tasted all the tenderloins in KC to make final judgement, but it's gotta be up there.
The other sandwiches were good, too. They both had a weird twang which I think came from the bread maybe being frozen at one time, but all plates were clean by the end. Are waitress warmed up tous then.
We saved room for a nice piece of raspberry cake and they have a couple dozen pies to order.

Food: 3- Pretty darn good.
Price: 3- A ton of food for 3 people with drinks and dessert for around $30.
Kitch: 4- Off the hook. Good old stuff from garage sales decorating the walls. All your condiments in plastic tubs on the table. Shabby but clean.
Bonus:You get an old school carnival ticket with each order that you can check back the next week (they have the tickets posted on the door) to see if you win a free meal!

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