Friday, September 10, 2010

Square PIzza

...where, wait for it....the pizza is square! Located on the Historic Independence Square. Sensing a trend? But goofy play on words aside, this is a good pizza joint. In a world of Dominoes, Pizza Butt and Papa Johns, it's good to know there still some solid pizza makers out there.
Square Pizza has the usual kinds of pizzas, Meat Lovers, Triple Cheese, but some different ones like the Monterey Chicken (ranch, chicken, tomatoes, bacon, red onions, mozzarella and monterey jack cheese). Prices aren't what you're going to pay for some delivery place, but this isn't delivery pizza, dummy. They do a lunch special, $6.99 for a large slice, salad and drink, and yes they do deliver.
They gots booze, too.
Price: 3 spoons, good food for a good price
Service: 4 spoons, walk up and order
Kitch: 3, full of Indy goodness
Bonus: You can watch the drunks stumble out of Big John's on the Corner, one of best, divey-est dive bars you'll ever find. And right next to Dave's Bakery, for your after pizza dessert.
photo used w/o any sort of permission.

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