Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kitty's Cafe

Thanks to Making of a foodie for this one. You would never noticed this amazing place as you drive drunk into the Martini District at lunchtime but make the stop. As you open the door wind chimes hit you in the head telling you that a tasty golden treasure awaits.I don't know why they call it Kitt'y's (don't really want to)

Food: 5 spoons - Best pork tenderloin in town! You must get it with sauce. Fries & tots are a gamble may be over greasy (is there such a thing?) They also serve breakfast. Cans of pop.

Service: 4 spoons- Sweaty Chinese guy focused on the food not worried about giving change
or taking orders. I don't think they even had a cash register.

Kitch: 4 spoons Only 2 stools in this wood paneled closet. Gotta take it to go. Dont be scared.

AWARD: Best pork tenderloin sandwich in town

- MAP - call for large orders. (816) 753-9711 even the address is cool - 810 1/2 E 31st St
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  1. Can you tell any more about the tenderloin sandwich. Was it homemade? Pork Loin? Any help is appreciated.

  2. I dont think they were home made I will go back next week and find out. The secret is in the sauce which is homemade and the lard they use to fry them (which hasnt been changed in like 5 years.) I also like how it was 3 pork loins in the sandwich not one giant one which keeps the flavors together.