Friday, January 23, 2009

the Big Biscuit

I would step over my own mother in the street to get a pile of biscuits and gravy from the Big Biscuit. Sorry, Mom.
Fluffy biscuits with nice sausage gravy. Everything is big at the Big Biscuit. If they can't fill you up, you have problems. This doesn't technically fit the qualifications as a greasy spoon. The Biscuit is bright and clean, and all the silverware matches.
I also love the MIssouri Scramble. Basically everything you want for breakfast scrambled together.
Food: 4 Spoons. Great American breakfasts and lunches.
Price: 4 Spoons A lot for your money
Kitch: 2 1/2. Got some cheesy old movie posters but that's it.
Bonus: Chili on whatever you want.

Big Biscuit

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