Monday, April 26, 2010

Classy Burger-geddon

   -To  start off,  I’m not a big fan of Gourmet hamburgers. A good burger is a good burger, but for the sake of argument we go head to head with Kansas City's top foo-foo burger joints. Also, I'd like to add I prefer my burgers a little thinner so Hi-Boy is still the real winner here. But BRGR puts up a good fight; great for kids, dates or out of towners. They try to keep it real, with burgers everyone will enjoy, unlike Blanc. The BRGR Mac and Cheese debate is still going on here at GS. It's tasty, but I dont think it is right for  kids - tastes like wine is in i,t or some funky cheese yo mama might like. Oh, and I think both places have soupy  ketchup.
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Blanc Burgers + Bottles (Country Club Plaza) on Urbanspoon


  1. Blanc Burger:
    Onion rings rock.
    Burger good.
    Fries average.
    Shake average.
    Ketchup sad.

  2. I too prefer BRGR. I went to Blanc this summer and the flys were so thick in there you didn't want to open your mouth to talk, let alone eat!

  3. This place just plain sucks! Hi Boy =) Try Johnny Rays in Lee's Summit MO. Best Burgers around ... get a double with cheese and everything and grilled onion. Heaven in your mouth!