Monday, November 9, 2009

GrandStand Burgers

We all had high hopes for this one, it looked like the perfect greasyspooner establishment. But dreams were shattered at what I am about to say. The signature burger "The Kelly" a cheese burger with a slice of Ham and bacon. I don't believe I'm about to write this but... Having a ham steak on top of your burger does not add anything it just gets in the way and makes it hard to eat.....( I know I didn't believe it either,  -holding back a tear) Bacon is all you ever need so stop it people.  The rings were OK but the fries were a joke -crinkle cut crap. The best thing going for this place was the hand dipped malt and the over the top christian quotes on the walls. God damn it I really wanted to like this place.    -    2 spoons.
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  1. Hey guys, just found this blog. As someone who lives in KC and loves to eat out...keep it coming.

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